Flipkart Marketplace Genuine Review as Seller in 2020

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Hey, Are you planning to work as a reseller with Flipkart Marketplace ?

Hang on ! Think twice.. Are you sure ?

Let me give you a genuine review about Flipkart Marketplace as a reseller.

Have you heard a quote “Oonchi Dukan aur Pheeki Pakwan”. Its the same.

If you’re planning to sell any branded products, I am sure most/all of them would be already listed on Flipkart by other resellers. So, to sell your products, you have to reduce your margin which will lead to less profit or rather I’ll say Loss. You know, on Flipkart you get almost 50% of fake orders which is generally being done by your competitors or other fake customers aswell. So, now if you process that order, you’ll be losing your packaging charges, printouts, manpower charges and your stuff will be blocked for almost 30 days.

Now if you don’t process it, your seller score will be get affected which will again lead to lesser sales. You have another option to raise a ticket to seller support if you feel that order is fake, but they will take upto 48 hours to confirm whether the orders are fake or not.

So in short, you’ll be in loss only no profit.

Now, if you’re launching a new product to sell on flipkart, they will force you to advertise it on flipkart marketplace which even doesn’t guarantee the sale. It just increases the visibility.

Actually all the marketplace are least interested in selling your product. They are more interested in selling their products like advertisement package, and other professional services.

Feedback about Flipkart Seller support team is that they are pathetic and robotic. They don’t try to understand the genuine problem of Seller rather than singing their own robotic script. They are least bothered to solve your problem on time but if you don’t process your order on time, your seller rating is getting affected.

I am not saying that these e commerce sites are completely not recommended to work as reseller, but they are good for big pocketers. If you want to do business with Flipkart with small amount of money. Its not recommended. You’ll not get even that much sale to pay your accountant professional fee to file monthly GST.

So, If you have money and can sustain for 8-12 months, you can think to work with Flipkart as seller.

But my suggestion is, why to give so much money to these multi vendor E commerce Sites. Go have your own Ecommerce Website and sale whatever you want without paying any commission to Flipkart. A Good Ecommerce site will hardly cost you Rs. 6000/- to Rs. 10000now a days. Promote your website. Invest on promoting your own website rather than giving money to Flipkart.

To Know More About Creating Your Own Ecommerce Website Click Here

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